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The NCE Cab Bus can use a DIN Plug, a TRS Phone plug, or an RJ–12 plug.

DIN Plug

Using a 5 pin 180º DIN connector. From the left, with keyway at the bottom, going clockwise:

  1. +12 Volts (nominal)
  2. Ground
  3. "A" lead of RS-485 signal
  4. "B" lead of RS-485 signal

This is optional, can be used when wired for compatibility with the Lenz XpressNet

Three Pin (TRS) Phone Plug

  • Tip: +12 Volts (7.5 to 16 Volts DC is OK)
  • Ring: RS-485 "A" lead
  • Sleeve: Ground


Main article: Modular Connector

This connection is used for the Cab Bus. The UTP (Utility Throttle Panel) has these connections.

  1. Reserved
  2. +12 VDC
  3. A lead of RS-485 signal
  4. B lead of RS-485 signal
  5. Ground
  6. Reserved

Only the 4 inner wires are used. This is the preferred interface.

It is very important to get the correct type of cable. Using a cable which flips connections will damage your equipment.