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Sponsored by the NMRA Pacific Northwest Region 4th Division, we are the 4th Division NTrak Modular Group aka "4DNtrak". All members are required to hold NMRA membership.

Club Background

The 4th Division N-Trak Modular Group has been up and running trains for five years. We have twenty members and over thirty modules. The 4th Division supplied our four corner modules and a "starter" yard. All modules are framed, wired, and sceniced. We added the spectacular yard in 2004 with 6 20-foot through loops and 10 6-foot stubs. We now have enough room to handle many prototype-length trains.

We welcome all skill levels from expert to beginner. For those of you looking for a way to try out the hobby or to get a little practice before you start on your own layout, come on down and join us. Modular railroading is a great way to get started. Even if you think you don't have room for a layout, you do have room for a module. They're the size of a card table and you can set them up and tear them down easily.

Club DCC Activities

Since June of 2007, 4DNtrak has been a DCC only club. We use the Digitrax System and have two "Blue carts" that sit at either end of the layout.

The Blue Cart

Club Links

Contact Information

Contact Jeannie Melvin or Al Lowe