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DCCWiki is a Wiki, which means that anyone can easily edit any unprotected article and have those changes posted immediately to that page.

This Editing Overview is meant as a quick reference, with some "getting started" help. It has a lot of wikitext examples. You may want to keep this page open in a separate browser window for reference while you edit. Each of the topics covered here is covered somewhere else in more detail.

Please look in the box on the right for the topic you are interested in.

Editing Basics

Start editing
To start editing a DCCWiki page, click on the "Edit this page" (or just "edit") link at one of its edges. This will bring you to the edit page: a page with a text box containing the wikitext: the editable source code from which the server produces the webpage. If you just want to experiment, please do so in the sandbox, not here.
Summarize your changes
You should write a short edit summary in the small field below the edit-box. You may use shorthand to describe your changes, as described in the legend.
Preview before saving
When you have finished, press preview to see how your changes will look -- before you make them permanent. Repeat the edit/preview process until you are satisfied, then click "Save" and your changes will be immediately applied to the article.

Don't "sign" edits you make to regular articles (the software keeps track of who makes every change).

You can also click on the "Discussion" tab to see the corresponding talk page, which contains comments about the page from other DCCWiki users. Click on the "+" tab to add a new section, or edit the page in the same way as an article page. When editing talk pages, please sign your change, see Help:Sign your posts on talk pages.

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Major edits

All editors are encouraged to be bold, but there are several things that a user can do to ensure that major edits are performed smoothly. Before engaging in a major edit, consider discussing proposed changes on the article discussion/talk page. During the edit, if doing so over an extended period of time, the {{inuse}} tag can reduce the likelihood of an edit conflict. Once the edit has been completed, the inclusion of an edit summary will assist in documenting the changes. These steps will all help to ensure that major edits are well received by the DCCWiki community.

Wiki markup

The wiki markup is the syntax system you can use to format a DCCWiki page.

In the left column of the table below, you can see what effects are possible. In the right column, you can see how those effects were achieved. In other words, to make text look like it looks in the left column, type it in the format you see in the right column.

You may want to keep this page open in a separate browser window for reference, or take a screen-shot of it. If you want to try out things without danger of doing any harm, you can do so in the Sandbox. Try opening the Sandbox in a separate window or tab and keeping this page open for reference. DCCWiki:Wiki markup examples

Hiding the edit links

Insert __NOEDITSECTION__ into the document to suppress the edit links that appear next to every section header.

More information on editing wiki pages

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