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Lenz Starter Set Comparisons

Maximum Throttles Throttle Type Speed Control Addresses; Digits Maximum Consists Consisting: Universal or Advanced Speed Steps Functions Amps Feedback Communications Bus Programming Modes: Service or Ops Modes Separate Programming Track
Lenz Compact/Atlas Master 5 Base Unit Knob 100; 2 ? Advanced 14/28/128 5: F0-F4 2.5 No No No
Lenz Set 90 31 Hand-Held Knob 9999; 2/4 256 All 13: F0-F12 5 Yes XpressNet Yes Yes
Lenz Set 100 Buttons
Lenz Set 101 Knob 29: F0-F28


Some parameters were removed as they are not relevant to these systems.

Speed Steps

All: Supports both 14 step and the 28/128 modes


All: Supports the Universal and Advanced consisting modes