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  • [[Analog]]
    • Control of Locos ([[address 00]])
      • DCC standards allow one Analog (de-coder-less) locomotive to run on a Digital layout. The technological magic behind this trick is explained elsewhere, but it allows you to keep running one engine from your fleet of Analog engines while using Digital control.
      • Much discussion can be found about the pros and cons of running an Analog engine under Digital power.
        • The main argument "pro" is that it allows an Analog engine to run under Digital control-- speed settings work, 1 Analog and multiple Digital engines can share the track.
        • The "con" side has a lot more in its favor--
          • Analog engines brought to a halt may BuzzzzzZZ and potentially overheat.
          • I believe someone mentioned a halted Analog engine 'quivering' as it tried to use the Digital signal to go forward and backwards at the same time
          • I believe that some types of motor (coreless motors) {help appreciated here!} can be damaged if run under Digital control without a decoder.
          • Analog motors do not LIKE Digital power, although some will tolerate it rather well.
      • Precautions-- if you run an Analog engine on Digital power, DO NOT let it sit still for more than a few minutes (if that), lest it overheat and melt the plastic!
    • Conversion
    • Function Settings