DCS Option Switches

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Digitrax Command Stations

DCS 100/200 Option Switches

Option Switch (OpSw) Effect When Closed Default
01 Do not change t
02 Do not change t
03 DCS100 Auto Reverse Booster t
04 Do not change t
05 Command station master mode (change to c (closed) t
06 Do not change t
07 Do not change t
08 Do not change t
09 Do not change t
10 Do not change t
11 Do not change t
12 Do not change t
13 Locomotive Address Purge Time changes from 200 to 600 seconds t
14 Disable Locomotive Address Purge t
41 Purge will force locomotive speed to zero t
16 Do not change t
17 Automatic Advanced Decoder Assisted (FX) consisting disabled t
18 DCS100: Short Circuit shutdown changes from 125milliSeconds to 500mS t
19 Do not change t
20 Disable Zero Stretching (Analog) mode t
Global System Default for New Locomotive Selections t
Set OpSw 21/22/232 as follows
t-t-t = 128 steps
t-t-c = 128 step FX mode
c-t-t = 14 step mode
c-c-t 28 step mode
24 Do not change t
25 Disable Aliasing t
26 Enable Routes t
27 Bushby Bit: Disable normal switch commands to allow a computer to handle switch logic t
28 Disable DS54 Interrogate commands upon powering up t
29 Do not change t
30 Do not change t
31 Meter route/switch outputs rate when not Motorola Trinary t
32 Do not change t
33 Track Power restored to previous state at power up t
34 Allow Track to power up in RUN state, IF set to run prior to power on t
35 Do not change t
361 Clear ALL mobile decoder info and consists t
371 Clear ALL routes t
381 Clear Locomotive Roster t
391 Clear ALL internal memory states, including OpSw 36, 37 & 38 t
40 Do not change t
41 Diagnostic click when valid LocoNet commands incom- ing & routes being output t
42 Disable three beeps when locomotive address is purged t
43 Disable LocoNet update of command station’s track status t
44 Expand slot refresh area from 22 (Big Boy) to 120 slots t
45 Disable reply for switch state request t
46 Do not change t
47 Program track is brake generator when not used for programming. Braking sets to speed 0 (DCC) (not Emergency stop) for Address 0, light ON, broadcast to all addresses t

Note 1: See your manual for more details on setting these options.
Note 2: System defaults to 128 speed steps.