FAQ:Did I Brick My Digitrax Device?

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General information
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Possible, but not likely.

Before beginning an update:

  1. Disconnect all Loconet connections. Activity on the LocoNet can disrupt the update process
  2. Wherever possible, close any unneeded software on the computer being used. Other tasks running in the background can impact the process, possibly interrupting the IPL's process.
    1. Software such as JMRI will attempt to access/seize the serial/USB port which is communicating with the command station.

Some updates are quite large and can require a number of minutes to complete. Be patient.

If the Update Process Fails

Try again. It may take several attempts to successfully complete.

Many devices will remain in download mode until the update has been completed. If the process has been prematurely halted, it will stay in that state.

The program will validate the device in question, and determine if an update applies. It will not allow reversion to an earlier version in many cases. In situations where installing an older version is permitted, it will not allow versions older than that which was loaded at the factory prior to shipping.


  • Some other hardware and software combinations may provide a stable IPL download, but Digitrax is not able to confirm stability of any other IPL combinations.
  • All Digitrax IPL'able products will remain in IPL mode until successfully completing an IPL cycle. If the update process fails, the device will remain in IPL mode and it will accept another IPL attempt.
  • If an IPL is not a required fix, but an optional feature modification, Digitrax can perform the IPL at the factory for a nominal charge. To save shipping time and temporary loss of use, it is sensible to configure an IPL capability locally.
  • When using a power-sequencing USB port, such as a laptop, be sure system settings do not to allow the PC to power-save during the several minutes the IPL will be active.

Note that the Digitrax IPL .dmf files incorporate several internal levels of data-corruption protection and error detection mechanisms, on top of the usual PC file checks. The IPL .dmf files embed and automatically identify themselves, so target devices cannot load the wrong Digitrax firmware download. The DigiIPL app does not control this check mechanism, it is inherent in the target devices and .dmf file structures.

You cannot download a lower numeric Software Version (as e.g. identified by DigiIPL), so e.g.the DT602 IPL files incorporate a software Version AND a date shown on the power-on splash screen. So it is now possible to identify and roll back to an earlier IPL feature set, at the same SW version level.

Preferred Operating Systems
  • Windows XP
  • Windows7
  • Windows10

with correct drivers.

Preferred Hardware
  • PR3
  • PR4
  • DCS240
  • DCS52
  • DCS210+
  • MS100 (both DB9 +DB25 COM ports)

Further Reading

For more information see the Digitrax Knowledge Base article: KB1063: IPLing and Track Power with the DT602/D

There are also a number of articles relating to firmware updates. Digitrax publishes details when a new revision of firmware is available for their products.