FAQ:Difference between NCE Pro Cab and Power Cab

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While the Pro Cab and Power Cab are very similar in appearance, they are not the same. Often, they are mistakenly referred to by the wrong name.

The Pro Cab is a Cab or Throttle only. It requires connection through NCE's Cab Bus to a command station to operate, as well as a booster to amplify the command station's output to track levels. It comes as part of several pieces in a starter set, or can be purchased separately.

The Power Cab is a complete starter set in one package. Everything needed is contained in the handheld throttle. It comes with two cables, one if the Power Cab is to be used as a throttle connecting to the command station via the Cab Bus, the other (heavier) cable enables it to function as DCC system. Additional throttles can be used with the Power Cab, via the Cab Bus.

Both are throttles. Only one has the command station and booster built in.

Either throttle can be used on an NCE system, the Power Cab will operate as a throttle when used with a command station.