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Summary Dutch manufacturer of DCC Systems and accessories
Phone +31 36 7370221
Main URL
Address Digikeijs B.V.

Rietmeent 230 / 231 1357CW Almere Netherlands

Device Types Stationary Decoder, Command Station, Animation, Other

Also makes occupancy detectors and stationary decoders. Devices can support multiple throttle networks.

  • DR4018 Multiprotocol stationary decoder
  • DR5088RC Digidetect RailCom detector to Loconet/USB
  • DR5033 Digiboost 3A [[Booster]
  • DR4088RB R-Bus feedback module
  • DR4088LN L-Net feedback module
  • DR5097 Diginethub, 10 channel LocoNet hub
  • DR5099 DiginetHub, 5 LocoNet and 5 X-Net (LocoNet and X-Bus are isolated from each other)
  • DR5039 LN-CDE LocoNet B to CDE (Lenz) Booster adapter
  • DR4088 S88N 16 channel feedback module (S88 Bus)
  • DR4024 4 output server decoder, multiprotocol
  • DR5098 10 channel X-Bus hub
  • DR5052 Turntable controller
  • DR5013 Autoreverse module