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Digital Command System

The Digital Command System (DCS) is a proprietary command control system developed by MTH Electric Trains, released in April 2002. DCS is predominantly used in three-rail O gauge. Its chief competitors in three-rail O are Lionel's Legacy Command Control and its predecessor Trainmaster Command Control systems.

DCS controls Protosound 2, Protosound 3, or Protosound 3E+ decoders. Protosound 3 locomotives are compatible with both DCS and DCC systems.

Protosound 3E+ locomotives are compatible with DCS and Märklin Digital command systems. All DCS compatible decoders are manufactured by MTH. Factory installed decoders have been offered in HO scale, two-rail O scale, 3-rail O gauge, Gauge 1, and three-rail Standard Gauge models. MTH has announced their intention to install DCS compatible decoders in S scale trains beginning in 2013. Decoder kits have been offered for installation in all of the above noted scales except HO and S.

DCS uses proprietary command codes and transmission technology. The principal differences include bidirectional communications and the separation of the command signal from track power. DCS signals are transmitted at 10.7 MHz using spread spectrum technology.

Mike's Train House (MTH)

Mike's Train House announced that they would cease trading in mid 2020. MTH stated that DCS support will continue via a third party. It is unknown if any further development will take place.

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