LocoNet Repeater

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Summary: The LocoNet Repeater Module (LNRP)splits, isolates and protects LocoNet segments allowing for greater layout expansion. If LocoNet segments monitored by the LNRP have wiring or signal issues, the LNRP will disconnect and isolate that segment, protecting the LocoNet at large from disruption. When the fault is identified and corrected the LNRP will automatically reconnect the affected segment to the LocoNet.

LocoNet Repeater Module

The LNRP is discontinued. The LNRP Xtra replaces it.


LocoNet Repeater Features

  • Allows the LocoNet to be divided into segments
  • Disconnects segments when a fault is detected
  • Allows the operation of the throttle network to continue uninterrupted
  • Reconnects faulty segments when fault is resolved
  • Can be used as a diagnostic tool
  • Diagnostic feedback
  • Supports more than 20 devices
  • Requires a power supply
    • Required to provide RailSync and power to the LocoNet segments

Protected LocoNet jacks, 2 Standard LocoNet Jacks, two on rear One throttle jack

The LNRP has two connections for the protected LocoNet and an additional pair of jacks for the Standard LocoNet. The command station should be connected to the protected LocoNet

Additional Features

Battery Saver circuit Track Status Status Indicators


The Xtra is basically the same, with the inclusion of a PS14 power supply.