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DCCWiki strives to be the most trusted source of DCC-related content. As such, DCCWiki maintains it's neutral point of view and does not limit, restrict, endorse, or recommend any specific product, vendor, or manufacturer. DCCWiki also does not promote or alter any content to display products or information in any particular order.

Recovering Costs

However, running DCCWiki does cost money to operate and maintain. There are multiple servers, domains, and services that DCCWiki uses to display its content. In an effort to cover these costs, DCCWiki is trialing affiliate links. Using a link to a product does not increase the cost to the buyer, however, DCCWiki may get a commission for purchases made through links within various articles on DCCWiki.

Adding Affiliate links

For Any affiliate links that generate commissions, the proceeds must be collected by DCCWiki or its support personal.

Getting links to your vendor site

For vendors wishing to participate in this affiliate trail, please contact

Open to alternatives

We are open to alternatives for non-invasive funding of DCCWiki. DCCWiki strives to keep content advertisement free. Additionally, we do not allow 3rd party tracking cookies or software as DCCWiki respects the privacy of its users.

Report bias

If you feel there's any bias towards a vendor, manufacturer, product, or concept, please report it to Additional, you may start a discussion on our Forum.