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Last updated: 2022-11-05

Various statistics regarding DCCWiki.

WebSite Views

In the last 30 days, there have been 13830 visits from 10438 unique visitors.

Price Check Statistics

There are currently 117 products being tracked from 15 different vendors. There is a total of 470 webpages being monitored for pricing and quantity information. Most of these webpages have been automatically selected, see 'Algorithm' below. There are 150783 price points archived using 3 different currencies.

Over many months, DCCWiki periodically and gracefully crawls websites to automatically match DCC products for price data collection. There are currently 13926 webpages in total that we store meta-data information for.


While crawling a vendor's website, our automation software grabs a thumbnail of the website so users can quickly preview the link before visiting the vendor's website. There are approximately 10693 screenshots available and can be viewed by hovering over a price for any product.


In order to match the vendor's many web pages with the correct product, an algorithm was developed by DCCWiki's founder to automatically match crawled meta-data with a DCC product. This auto-matching system generates a score that is used to rank the likely hood of a vendor's webpage containing the correct DCC product. There are currently 1305 scores representing possible page matches. For help with suggesting a better product URL for any given vendor, see the Help: Vendor Pricing URLs article.

Getting added & removed

See Adding Vendors section for details on getting added as a vendor.

To be removed, also contact with your website information and the reason to be removed. Please note, DCCWiki strives to gracefully poll website information with no more than 1 request every few minutes at a peak indexing rate.

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