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Help: Documenting a layout

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Documenting your model layout is a necessary evil, but it should be done. DCCWiki allows users to document their personal or club layouts. This includes wiring standards, DCC Devices installed (such as boosters, command stations, etc), wiring diagrams, DCC Decoder installs (stationary or mobile), rolling stock, and whatever else they wish. See the existing layouts for examples.

Documenting a layout is primarily driven through the use of templates. See #Getting Started below.

Living document

The layout documentation should be considered in progress, that is, whenever a change is made to the layout, the respective wiki article should be updated. This is especially important with larger layouts and club layouts so others can always find up-to-date information.

Start small

It may seem intimidating to document hundreds of wires, rolling store, and DCC devices installed throughout the layout. Just document a little at a time and whenever you make a change to the layout, and then document that change. Eventually, the entire layout will be documented.

Adding Subpages

As with any wiki page, subpages are encouraged to break up long documents and to keep ideas organized. For example, there should be a page on the wiring standards for the layout including any standard wire colors. Just be sure to create a link to it from the main page.

Getting started

To create a layout, visit the Form:Layout and typing in a name. Do not add 'Layout' in front of the name. In our example, we would type in TazzyTazzy and click don't the Create or edit button. Don't worry about using a long name, a short URL can be created later on so people can access it quicker and easier to share.

If the page already exists, you'll need to find a new name for your railroad. On the form, just fill out a couple of quick entries and then create the body of the article in the Main Content section. Any wiki markup is allowed within the main content section.

Pre-Defined pages

There are currently 3 pre-defined sub-pages for the layout to help document that common layout aspect. If there should be more, please speak up.

  • Devices - Document all DCC equipment such as boosters, command stations, throttle panel mounts, stationary decoders, etc.
  • Rolling Stock - Document all DCC enabled rolling stock. Allows you to link your rolling stock with the decoder installed.
  • Wires - Document every where, it's color, gauge, and what it connects to. When wires are added, they will automatically show up on the related device page.
  • Permissions - Restrict who can edit a layout. This page is mandatory and a button will be displayed at the bottom of the layout page if this page is missing. simply click that button to create the page.

Creating predefined pages

The easiest method is to edit the main layout page. Inside the form, scroll down to "show links" section, select "predefined". This will display links to the pre-defined subpage types in the footer. For each red link, click on it. Then copy and paste on of the following lines. After paying the line, click on save.

  • Devices: {{Layout Preload Devices}}
  • Rolling Stock: {{Layout Preload Rolling Stock}}
  • Wires: {{Layout Preload Wires}}

Creating additional pages

This method will quickly help you create a new page include all the required content to you get started.

  1. Make a link from your main page, or wherever you choose.
  2. Click on the new red link.
  3. Inside the new page, copy this into the edit box:
    • {{Layout Preload Subpage}}
  4. Save the page
  5. Edit the page again to add your content.


Documentation to be completed.