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SEO Summary

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to set properly so that search engines can find help users find the content they want. SEO also includes setting the primary pictures for an article. The primary method of setting up SEO is using the article template.


For an example, edit at the Booster page. Near the top is the article template in use.

|title = Booster:  This is the page title
|seotitle = Boosters for DCC send data and power to trains. (This will appear in the tab or window header)
|seodescription=The booster combines power from the power supply with commands from the command station and delivers the resulting digital signal to the track and layout accessories.
|keywords=booster, power supply

The template above sets the meta tags for the primary image as Boosters-Module.jpg, the title displayed on search result pages as 'Booster'. The description is use for the caption to display to users under the title. Keywords help search engines narrow down the content to display.

It's important to select an image the represents the page. This image will also be used by social media sites to display a 'card'. For example, if this link to a DCCWiki article is posted on twitter, this image will be included in tweet.


To see what a twitter post would look like after the template has been configured for a page, use:

This will allow you to set the URL of a saved article to see what the included twitter card would look like.