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This page lists existing templates which you may find useful. For information on what templates are and how to use them, please see Help:Template namespace.

Instructions: When you add new template messages to this page, please help keep the tables in alphabetical order.

If you can't find the template that you need, you can request it on Help:Requested templates

  • For templates used on one of the DCCWiki's Main Pages.

Article-related namespace

Please list navigational templates (as, for example, between pages relating to a specific topic) at Help:Navigational templates.


  • Disambiguation / Other uses
  • Distinguish betweeen deceptively similar titles
  • Expansion requests
  • Footnotes / References
  • Instructions
  • Tools

Article sources

  • Citation templates for generic and specific sources
  • Public domain sources
  • Requesting sources and verification


  • To databases (IMDb, Gutenberg, etc.)
  • To main articles
  • To maps
  • To notes about German names
  • To sister projects

Disputes and warnings

  • Accuracy
  • Suspected hoax
  • Neutrality
  • Original research
  • Contradictory
  • Controversial
  • Unencyclopedic

For deletion

  • Categories (CfD)
  • Images and media (IfD)
  • Redirects (RfD)
  • Speedy deletion (D)
  • Templates (TfD)
  • Stub types (SfD)
  • Articles (AfD)


  • Article in use (major edits)
  • Protected from editing/vandalism
  • Copyright violations
  • Article issues
    • General attention needed
    • ISSN issues
    • Lack of geopolitical balance
    • Translations
    • IPA conversion
  • Merging / Splitting
  • Categorization issues
  • Move to sister projects


  • General cleanup
  • Wikify, copyediting
  • Verify facts
  • Importance/significance
  • Context; technical
  • Tone; clarity
  • Fact or fiction
  • Self-contradictory
  • Complete rewrite
  • Translate
  • Pronunciation (IPA)
  • Geographical balance
  • Merges, moves

Redirect Pages

  • To be inserted at the bottom of redirect page, but does not prevent the redirect from working.