FAQ:JMRI and the Digitrax DCS240

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General information
DCC Categories Programming, Computer Interface, Command Station, LocoNet"LocoNet" is not in the list (Animation, Auto Reverser, Automation, Beginner, Booster, Booster District, Command Station, Computer, Computer Interface, DCC, ...) of allowed values for the "Has DCC Category" property.

If you wish to interface the Digitrax DCS240 command station with a computer running JMRI, there is an excellent support page on the JMRI website

JMRI may be connected to the Digitrax DCS240 in any of a wide variety of ways. Since the DCS240 has a built-in USB interface, it is possible to simply plug a USB cable into the computer and the DCS240, and configure JMRI to suit this connection. It is also possible to use another LocoNet interface device, such as a LocoBuffer-USB, Digitrax PR3 or PR4 to interface a computer to LocoNet, and connect that LocoNet to the DCS240. JMRI does not prefer any one connection method over any other method. Choose one which is suitable for your needs.