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Faringdon & Uffington is the OO Gauge layout I have started building again. My first attempt was when I was 14 about 50 years ago! But girls and exams got in the way and it never progressed. So when I retired and the kids had left home I decided to have another go. I am at a very early stage - baseboard making - but as the layout will be DCC throughout, I thought you might be interested to follow my journey.

As you probably gathered, I am Brit (OO gauge gives it away!) and Faringdon and Uffington are two stations that were on the Great Western Railway in bucolic English countryside, known as the Vale of the White Horse. Faringdon closed to passenger trains in the early 50s and goods traffic in the 60s. So we are firmly in UK steam engine days with just the first diesels new to the scene.

Faringdon is a small town with terminus station on a branch line about 4 miles from the main line at Uffington. I chose this location because the branch line allowed small mixed traffic trains. Likewise I can run full size express trains (18 cars on a summer saturday in the 50s!) and goods trains of the same sort of length. The timeframe is from just before I was born, in the mid 50's, through to when I was a full blown train nut as a youngster!

My layout is being built in my railway room which about 16 feet long and 11 feet wide. The attached (I hope) Anyrail diagrams will show what I am planning. The base level is a fiddle yard large enough to hold 18 car trains and it runs right around the outside of the room. There is a track that will run to the next level up which will be a "roundy, roundy" for the 2 track main line including Uffington station. Leading off from Uffington station is the branch line which rises up to a 3rd level. Hopefully you will get the idea from the Anyrail prints.

NB. As a newbie to this Wiki, I am unable to add the files just yet. But I will do just as soon as I am able

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