Lenz Xpressnet USB-LAN Interface

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Summary: The USB-LAN interface for XpressNet is an improved version of the 23150 USB interface

Lenz 23151 USB/LAN Interface

The 23151 USB/LAN Interface allows you to connect your Lenz Command station to a computer or wireless router. The software included with the interface allows you to operate locomotives from a PC or program them easily, with full explanations of the CVs on Lenz DCC Decoders.

The system features a web server you can access with your web browser, making set up easy and independent of the operating system you are using.

The software delivered with the product only functions with Windows XP and Windows 7 using the USB interface.

Command Station Support

Lenz LZ100 and LZV100

Ethernet (LAN) connection

The Interface is equipped with an Ethernet connection for use in a network. This allows for up to eight simultaneous connections with other network devices.

Web Interface

Since the Interface does not have a display, a web server was integrated in the device. The web server facilitates the displaying and changing of the IP configuration (DHCP, IP, subnet mask) and the XpressNet address. The web server also facilitates the uploading of new firmware in the device.

The device can be found in the network using xpressnet or the network address of

MacOS: using Safari click "Bonjour". Under "Web pages: Lenz XpressNet Interface.


The device is supported by JMRI. If communications are via the USB connection, Flow Control must be turned off.