Lenz LV Series Booster

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Lenz LV Series Boosters

Power Station LV100

Three amp booster


5A booster

  • 8 user settable DCC track voltages allow for the user to customize the operation of the LV101 to their individual needs, a fault detection LED to assist the user in troubleshooting problems, and a RJ-45 plug-in I/O port. This I/O port is provided for use with Set-02 or for providing additional XpressNet power.
  • Opto-isolation to safely isolate your power station interface wiring from your track wiring. This eliminates any possibility for hidden ground loops through your power station.
  • Fail Safe runaway protection is provided by requiring a 7 volt signal on the DCC Control Bus (the C and D wires). This prevents the LV101 from accidentally sending out power to the track when the command station stops transmitting packets.


Five amp booster, supersedes previous models.

The LV102 uses the Opto-isolated (Current) Interface and consumes 10ma on the Power Station Interface.

LV102 Features

  1. 9,999 addresses supported
  2. 28 functions
  3. Speed steps: 28/128
  4. Consisting
  5. RailCom
  6. Programming
    1. Program on Main
    2. Program Track

Dimensions: 120 X 55 X120 mm
Updates by USB stick


The LV103 (released June 2019, replaces the LV102) is a 5A multi-scale DCC Booster. It includes an integrated RailCom detector. Depending on the power supply, it can deliver up to 22V at 5A to the track. Voltage can be adjusted from 11V to 22V in half volt increments. Output:

  • Depends on the power supply used:
    • 11 to 22V
      • 0.5V Increment adjustment range
    • 5A

Booster Phasing

Per NMRA RP-9.1.2, the K terminal output and D terminal input represent the DCC phase.