Lenz LV Series Booster

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Lenz LV Series Booster

Lenz LV102 5A booster

Power Station LV100

Three amp booster


5A booster

  • 8 user settable DCC track voltages allow for the user to customize the operation of the LV101 to their individual needs, a fault detection LED to assist the user in troubleshooting problems, and a RJ-45 plug-in I/O port. This I/O port is provided for use with Set-02 or for providing additional XpressNet power.
  • Opto-isolation to safely isolate your power station interface wiring from your track wiring. This eliminates any possibility for hidden ground loops through your power station.
  • Fail Safe runaway protection is provided by requiring a 7 volt signal on the DCC Control Bus (the C and D wires). This prevents the LV101 from accidentally sending out power to the track when the command station stops transmitting packets.


Five amp booster, supersedes previous models.

The LV102 uses the Opto-isolated (Current) Interface and consumes 10ma on the Power Station Interface.


Per NMRA RP-9.1.2, the K terminal output and D terminal input represent the DCC phase.