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A LokProgrammer is a device for programming ESU's DCC Decoders


  • Change the sound safely on the decoder.
  • Setting of all digital parameters of the Loksound decoder such as address of the loco, operation speed, maximum speed, braking deceleration, brightness of bulbs etc; you can set all options with your computer very easily - no cumbersome entering of CVs (configuration variables) with your command station.
  • Edit sounds and transfer it to the LokSound decoder.

Sound Decoders

OEM Loksound Select decoders may omit the ability to select multiple prime mover and horn sound effects, compared to the retail version. To reprogram the sound set available, a Lokprogrammer is necessary.

The Select series may not allow individual changes, only complete sound programming may be done.

Loksound decoders allow for extensive remapping of the function buttons. If you have many locomotives equipped with Loksound decoders, a Lokprogrammer is a worthwhile investment, as it allows a lot of parameters to be altered quickly and easily, as well as sound projects. It is faster than JMRI for tasks such as this.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Only


The LokProgrammer software is only compatible with Microsoft Windows. The webpage states Windows XP. According to ESU their software requires XP, Service Pack 2 or better. It only works with the 32 bit version of XP. Since XP has not been supported since 2014, most installations will be on a higher version of Windows.

Other Windows Versions

ESU does state that LokProgammer is compatible with windows versions 7, 8 and 10. Current version is 4.7.2, (requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, installed automatically if needed) available from their download page.

JMRI Support

It is unknown if it is compatible with JMRI. The complexity of some ESU decoders is an issue for the programmers who create the parameter files for JMRI/DecoderPro.

Further Information

For more details, see the Lokprogrammer page on ESU's website.