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Summary: Digitrax is a leading manufacturer of Digital Command Control systems, decoders and accessories.

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Summary Manufactures a complete line of DCC products - everything from the power supply to decoders. Digitrax is one of the few manufacturers that has transponding integrated into their complete line of products.
Phone (850) 872 9890
Fax (850) 872 9557
Main URL
Address Digitrax, Inc

2443 Transmitter Rd Panama City, FL 32404-3157 USA

Device Types Mobile Decoder, Stationary Decoder, Command Station, Booster, Power Supply, Throttle, Other

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Getting started with Digitrax

For those just getting started with Digitrax products, or want a quick over view, we highly suggest that you read the Digitrax primer. It reviews basics the basics of the Digitrax system so that you can easily compare it with other DCC systems out there.

Products Offered

Digitrax offers a large number of products. Please the Digitrax Products page for details.

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