FAQ:NCE USB and Power Pro Command Station

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General information
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The NCE Power Pro has an RS-232 serial port for communications with a computer.

Do not use the NCE USB adapter (USB to RS-232) to connect a computer to the command station for the purposes of configuring decoders with the Power Pro. The Power Pro firmware does not support decoder programming when used with the NCE USB adapter.

A third-party USB to Serial adaptor is required. A popular one is that supplied by ESU with their LokProgrammer. It is also available from an ESU dealer as a separate item. Another alternative is the RR-CirKits UNE8–BE.

Avoid the low-cost devices available at many computer retailers and office supply stores.

The above-mentioned devices use the FDTI USB chipset, which have a proper unique ID, which prevents random changes to port assignments under MSWindows.