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Summary: Fichtelbahn One Control is a BiDiB enabled accessory decoder

OneControl board

The OneControl is a BiDiB enabled board for servo motor and turnout control. It also provides I/O ports for interfacing with other hardware devices. It can also manage a 16-fold GBM16T occcupancy detector. Advanced configuration of each port is possible via the BiDiB-Wizard software is possible. Also, macros can be programmed on the device to operate multiple output ports under a single command.

It is also possible to create "virtual" accessories, with multiple aspects. In this manner it is possible to configure, for example, a turnout with 2 aspects. Each aspect can be implemented with macros to turn on/off a light and change a turnout coil or servo motor. The model control software would "see" a turnout with two aspects (front and side) each of which would be implemented by the board (via macros) by manipulating its outputs.

Example of a Virtual Turnout

  • Aspect 1 (front)
    • Turn off the branching light signal
    • Activate the appropriate output to change a turnout forward
    • Turn on the forward light signal
  • Aspect 2 (sideways)
    • Turn off the front light signal
    • Activate the appropriate output to change a turnout to the branching side
    • Turn on the branching light signal

In essence the model rail control software would only operate an accessory with two aspects. This is a very powerful configuration feature that allows complex behavior to be easily implemented.

Technical information

  • BiDiB bus support.
  • Input voltage of 12-18V DC / AC
  • 16 programmable switching outputs with 1000mA max current each.
  • 8 servo outputs
  • 16 GPIO universal inputs or outputs for a maximum of 10mA each.
  • Connector for one GBM16T occupancy detector.

Typical Usage

Magnetic devices

The 16 power outputs can be used to control a total of 16 coil turnout motors or 8 double-coil turnout motors. Each output can be configured to operate in pulse mode, up to a maximum current of 1A.

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