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DCC Specialties: Power Shield (PSXX)

Summary: The PSXX Circuit Breaker is an advanced design providing a new level of over-current protection for your layout.

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General information
DCC Category
Manufacturer DCC Specialties
MSRP 64.95 USD66.12 EUR <br />57.85 GBP <br />98.16 AUD <br />87.62 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number PSXX-1
Common Name Power Shield
UPC Number
Release information

Product Manual URL External Product Link
Year Released 01/2023
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Predecessor PSX
Misc Details


The PSXX is an updated version of the PSX series of power management devices.


The PSXX has all of the features of the original PSX. However, the PSXX has a new and unique feature: The setpoint at which the breaker opens also limits the maximum current that will be allowed to flow, regardless of the conditions which created the current


  • Solid State construction: No relays
  • Status at power up can be programmed
  • Adaptive Load Reset prevents multifunction decoders with sound from tripping the breaker as a result of their inrush current
  • One-to-Four-amp limits can be set using jumpers
  • Additional setpoints are available using a CV
  • Indicator LEDS on the board
  • Connections for remote indicator LEDs
  • Audible alarm possible with connections provided
  • Track power can be controlled using a throttle
  • Rest can be configured as automatic or manual
  • Manual rest possible using a DCC command or a toggle switch
  • Auto Stop possible with photo detector, can be remotely activated or deactivated
  • Occupancy Detection: Programmable trigger level using current draw or a photocell to indicate presecnce of a train
  • Network Feedback: Isolated outputs provide Occupied, Shorted, and Power Status to a discrete interface for remote display or computer control
  • Will work with Digitrax LocoNet, NCE Cab Bus, ESU ECoS, and Lenz XpressNet interfaces.
  • Daisy Chainable for easy wiring

Multiple units (2 or 3) on a single PCB are also available. They can be split apart later as necessary or used as a single board


The PSX and PSXX series of circuit breakers break the connection to one rail only. Multiple units must be wired so that every unit acts on the same rail.

NEW PSXX Circuit Breaker—Protect Your Model Railroad

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