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Welcome to the personal layouts page. We hope you enjoy browsing these layouts. If you find a layout you like which is unlisted here, please add it to the list!

'Rules of the road' to those listing sites:

  1. Must be placed in the list alphabetically.
  2. Must be placed in correct scale.
  3. One listing allowed per site/per scale

(More instructions on adding website when you edit this page.)

G Scale

Railway Notes Location DCCWiki Links
-- S   S   S--
Sample Lots of pictures and howto's San Francisco, CA Details [[Talk:Layout:http://www.nowhere/%7CTalk]]

S Scale

Railway Notes Location DCCWiki Links
-- M   M   M--
Marbelup Valley Railway Based on Western Australian Government Railways in the 1960's. Models are Sn3½ scale to represent 1067 mm (3ft 6in) gauge. Electronic features include: Lenz DCC, WiThrottle, CTI signalling system, onboard TrainCam and RFID train identification. Perth, Western Australia Details [[Talk:Layout:]]

HO Scale

Railway Notes Location DCCWiki Links
-- G   G   G--
Great Northern - Down Under My layout is based on the Great Falls - Shelby section of the Great Northern Railway. It is built for walk around operation as well as railfanning. The layout is operated under Digital Command Control by EasyDCC. Plenty of Technical Information. Near Sydney Australia. Details [[Talk:Layout:]]
-- K   K   K--
KADE Layout Design, Photos South Jersey, USA Details [[Talk:Layout:]]
-- S   S   S--
Siskiyou Line, Joe Fugate's Models 1980s SP, Photos, How-tos Oregon, USA Details [[Talk:Layout:]]
-- W   W   W--
Westport Terminal RR, Wolfgang Dudler's freelance private roadname layout in modules, Photos, ESU-sound, FREMO Iserlohn, Germany Details [[Talk:Layout:]]

OO Scale

Railway Notes Location DCCWiki Links
-- C   C   C--
County Gate OO9 gauge (9mm gauge, 3.5mm:1 ft scale) NG Exhibition Layout based on a planned extension to the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, set in SW England in the 1930's - Scratch-built rolling stock, convincing scenery, automatic Digitrax control using Railroad & Co. software, including video clips sequenced to locomotive movements Ludlow, England Details [[Talk:Layout:]]

N Scale

Railway Notes Location DCCWiki Links
-- B   B   B--

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