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General information
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The Power Cab by NCE has essentially remained the same since its introduction.

The only changes of concern to the user are the revisions made to the software over time.

As of 2023, the most recent firmware version is: 1.65B

  1. 1.65B: Same as 1.65, with the firmware bug fixed that causes the software to revert to the address range supported by 1.28C should a system reset occur.
  2. 1.65: Support for additional Cab Bus addresses for Cabs and other Cab Bus devices. A System Reset loses all the extra addresses and reverts the firmware to the restrictions imposed by 1.28C
  3. V1.28C: The original firmware version which shipped with the Power Cab

Updating to version 1.65 is strongly recommended. Contact NCE or your dealer for price.

For additional details see the Power Cab Firmware article.