Product: Atlas Commander

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General information
Common Name Commander Manufacturer Lenz
Product URL http://{{{URL}}} Manual URL
Integrated Throttle Knob Max Current
Computer Interface Software Upgrade Possible Ukn
Communications BUS XpressNet Protocol Firmware Upgrade Possible Ukn
Separate Programming Track Ukn
DCC Features
Address Range 2 Max Simultaneous Trains 99
Support Consisting Basic Max Consists
Speed Steps 128 Max Switches 99
Functions 5 Feedback Ukn
Zero Stretching Ukn Ops Mode Programming
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control Ukn LocoNumberReadback Ukn
CV Readback Ukn


Firmware Updates

  • Unit must be returned to manufacturer for updating.
  • Older units do not support functions F9 – F12

What references this product

None yet.

Other Command Stations made by same manufacturer

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