Product: DCC Accessory Decoders

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Summary: An Accessory Decoder is used to control various devices, such as turnout motors, signals, or crossing gates. It is stationary, as opposed to the multifunction decoder.

DCC Accessory Decoders

DS 64 accessory decoder by Digitrax

Accessory Decoders are decoders used made to control turnouts, and signals on a model railway. They can also animate things such as crossing gates and semaphores.

Accessory decoders connect to a bus network such as LocoNet or the track and follow DCC rules.

They are much larger, and have outputs designed to drive turnout motors or other fixed devices which provide mechanical actuation. They are electrical devices, and have no mechanical capacity.

Some accessory decoders can be configured to control slow motion switch machines, such as the Tortoise, or offer features such as routes.