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Basic Information
Manufacturer Electronic Solutions Ulm Product URL [Product:ESU52690 Mfg Link]
Date Released 2011/02/06 Manual URL [Product:ESU52690 Manual]
Date Last Made
Hardware Information
Scales HO Length 25,5 mm
Connection Method NMRA Width 15,5 mm
Height 4,5 mm
Max Amps Running Amps
General DCC Information
Addressing 2/4 AnalogConversion
Speed Steps 14, 28, 128 User Loadable Speed Table Yes
Back EMF Yes Decoder Assisted Consists
CV Readback Yes Silent Running (HF) Yes
Dither Kick Start
Function Information
# of Functions 3 Function Amps
# of Lighting Effects # of Sound Effects
Programming Information
Programming Lock Programming Modes
Misc Items
SUSI Interface RailCom
USP Transponding

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