Product: Lenz LZ100

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General information
Common Name LZ100 Command Station Manufacturer Lenz
Product URL Manual URL
Integrated Throttle None Max Current
Computer Interface No Software Upgrade Possible Ukn
Communications BUS XpressNet Protocol Firmware Upgrade Possible
Separate Programming Track No
DCC Features
Address Range 2/4 Max Simultaneous Trains
Support Consisting Max Consists
Speed Steps 128 Max Switches
Functions 13 Feedback Ukn
Zero Stretching Ops Mode Programming
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control Ukn LocoNumberReadback Ukn
CV Readback Ukn

What references this product

None yet.

Other Command Stations made by same manufacturer

"Ukn" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.

For computer adapter, use the the LI-USB adapter.

LA152 and LV101 are other command stations made by Lenz

Released in 1993.