Product: MRC Prodigy Express

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General information
Common Name Prodigy Express Manufacturer MRC
Product URL Manual URL
Integrated Throttle Knobs and Buttons Max Current 1.6
Computer Interface No Software Upgrade Possible Yes
Communications BUS MRC Throttle Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Separate Programming Track Yes
DCC Features
Address Range 2/4 Max Simultaneous Trains 9999
Support Consisting Max Consists 127
Speed Steps 128 Max Switches 9,999
Functions 16 Feedback
Zero Stretching Ukn Ops Mode Programming true
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control Ukn LocoNumberReadback Yes
CV Readback Yes

What references this product

None yet.

Other Command Stations made by same manufacturer

Start Small . . . Think Big!!!

   Easily fits your budget to join in the world of DCC
   Expand at an easy pace of your budget to bring you up to the level of the Prodigy Advance DCC system
   Easy to understand, set-up, and use
   Comes complete – all you need are decoders or decoder equipped locos
   1.6amp output
   Easily programs 2 or 4-digit addresses
   Advanced Consisting
   Handles 14-28/128 speed steps
   Uses MRC’s patented plug and play technology for expandability
   16 accessory functions to handle today’s newer sound decoder equipped locos
   Programs on the program track or main line