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The Tsunami is a sound decoder manufactured and sold by Soundtraxx.

It is available in a number of forms.

The original Tsunamis were for steam locomotives. They covered Heavy, Medium and Light Steam. Various diesel models followed, featuring a variety of prime movers. They also make a steam model, the TSU750, known as the MicroTsunami, as it is smaller to fit in tight quarters.

Tsunamis are very customizable, with multiple horns/whistles, as well as features like rod clank, an equalizer, and other features. DecoderPro is very helpful to program a Tsunami. They also require a programming track as they have higher power requirements than a non-sound decoder.

Recently Soundtraxx began supplying OEM decoders to a variety of manufacturers. Those decoders are not available for sale, as they are often custom made for that product. Some, such as those employed in the Rapido FP7, feature custom sound files too.