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UP3 Universal Panel

This product was discontinued in 2005. The UP5 has replaced it.

A maximum of 10 panels can be powered from a PS14 power supply. Additional panels may not work correctly without the addition of another power supply.


The Universal Panel 3 provides two Loconet jacks on the rear, and two throttle connections on the front.

It also has a track power indicator, a battery saver circuit, and connection for a DC power supply.

Supplied with Digitrax Starter Sets

Empire Builder II

Genesis II

Chief 5 and 8 Amp sets


Simple hookup, maintenance & troubleshooting of LocoNet.

Use with 6 conductor telephone cable with RJ12 6 pin connectors and Daisy Chain your LocoNet Ports around the layout.

"Battery Saver" Circuitry Built in (External Power Supply is required for battery saver)

Instruction Manual

Available from Digitrax:

UP3 instructions.