FAQ:Rapido's MoPower Programming Issues

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From Rapido Newsletter #186

Due to the long duration of our MoPower capacitors, that are built into each locomotive's motherboard, we have found a software conflict between a still-powered-up ESU decoder and the ESU LokProgrammer (or ECoS system) where they fight for control, resulting in a failed programming attempt. We expect a fix to be coming soon from ESU, but until then, please follow the suggestions below to successfully program using ESU programming systems.

To successfully program your locomotive using an ESU LokProgrammer or an ESU ECoS DCC system, our onboard Rapido MoPower capacitors must be fully discharged. Until a software patch and/or a hardware fix is available, please allow your ESU-equipped loco to discharge a full five minutes before using an ESU programming track, or allow to discharge one minute before using the ESU Ops Mode (on-the-main programming). If it doesn't work, wait a little longer and try again.

NOTE: This does not apply to any other DCC system or controller, just ESU.