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A decoder normally mounted under the benchwork or alongside the track for control of accessories, such as turnout motors .

Term "Oggabooga" not defined. Please define it.

A decoder typically installed in vehicles such as locomotives, which controls motor and lighting functions.

Simple Show


Color Table

6 Pin 8 Pin 4 Pin 9 Pin JST
NEM 651 NEM 650 NEM 654
Pin 1 Motor Right Motor Right Motor Left F2
Pin 2 Motor Left Rear Headlight (F0) Motor Right Left Rail
Pin 3 Right Rail N/C1 Left Rail Motor Left
Pin 4 Left Rail Left Rail Right Rail Rear Headlight (F0)
Pin 5 Front Headlight (F0) Motor Left Front Headlight (F0)
Pin 6 Rear Headlight (F0) Front Headlight (F0) Common (V+)
Pin 7 Common (V+) Motor Right
Pin 8 Right Rail Right Rail
Pin 9 F1

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       <title>Product:Lenz LZV100</title>
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General information
Common Name SET 100 Manufacturer Lenz
Product URL Manual URL
Integrated Throttle Buttons Max Current 5
Computer Interface Yes Software Upgrade Possible Yes
Communications BUS XpressNet Protocol Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
Separate Programming Track Yes
DCC Features
Address Range 2/4 Max Simultaneous Trains 9999
Support Consisting Universal, Advanced, Other Max Consists 99
Speed Steps 128 Max Switches 1,024
Functions 29 Feedback
Zero Stretching Ops Mode Programming true
Auto Shuffle Train / Signal Speed Control Ukn LocoNumberReadback Yes
CV Readback Yes


Firmware Updates

  • Unit must be returned to manufacturer for updating.
  • Older units do not support functions F9 – F12

What references this product

None yet.

Other Command Stations made by same manufacturer

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Universal, Advanced, Other