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Multifunction Decoder:

Train Control Systems: T1
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General information
Manufacturer Train Control Systems
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Release information
Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name
Decoder Core Features
Product URL Product Link
Manual URL Manual Link
Year Released
Year EOL
Hardware Information
Scales HO
Connection Method NMRA
Length .969 in2.461 cm <br />24.613 mm <br />0.0246 m <br />0.0807 ft <br />
Width .661 in1.679 cm <br />16.789 mm <br />0.0168 m <br />0.0551 ft <br />
Height .193 in0.49 cm <br />4.902 mm <br />0.0049 m <br />0.0161 ft <br />
Continuous Amps 1.3
Max Amps 2.0
Voltage Range
General DCC Information
Extended Addressing Yes
AnalogConversion Yes
Speed Steps 128"128" is not in the list (14, 28/128) of allowed values for the "Has Speed Steps" property.
User Loadable Speed Table Yes
Back EMF Yes
Programming Modes Paged, Ops
Decoder Assisted Consists Yes
CV Readback Yes
Silent Running (HF) Yes
Dither Yes
Kick Start Yes
Function Information
# of Functions 2
Function Amps 100ma
# of Lighting Effects 20
# of Sound Effects 0
Programming Information
Programming Lock Yes
Decoder Programming Modes
Misc Items
SUSI Interface
RailCom Yes
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible
UPC Number


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