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Can I rename this page with a better title?

I am thinking of "Consisting Tsunami Decoders with Lenz DCC" or something similar that is a little more descriptive. It suggests that TSU and Lenz decoders are being used in a Consist.

Let me know what you think.

The additional material is appreciated. Sure beats deleting pages of spam every week.

Terminator (Admin)

Agreed, that title would be better. Do you want me to change pages which point to it?

Also, while I have your attention, I uploaded a photo "WiThrottle_Brake.jpg" but the thumbnail creation didn't work for some reason. I uploaded it again to "WiThrottle.jpg" (identical files) and that didn't work either. Any ideas? Feel free to delete the duplicate. There didn't seem to be an obvious way for me to delete the duplicate.

Richard (Marbelup)

Image uploads

Yes, there is a problem with the images. I get the same issues.

TazzyTazzy has reopened the ticket from the last issue with the host to see if it gets fixed. Something about how everything works, then they reduce the memory or space allotted to the task, and it stops. They do this all the time.

Page Name: I can also use a redirect so any links are dealt with magically.

Thanks. The redirect works. I have changed the text of links I have I have added too.

Richard (Marbelup)