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Kato motor is listed as 1.35mH and 15.5Ω

XL= 76 Ω (FDCC = 9000Hz)

Z = Square Root of (76^2 + 15.5^2)

= √(5828 + 240.25) = √6068.2


With a DCC voltage of 15V, 15/77.9 = 193mA

In contrast, the coreless motor with an L = 200µH, XL = 11Ω

Using the same DC resistance, the impedance is √(128 + 240.25) = √368 = 19Ω. Which is about a quarter of the iron core motor. Doubling the DC resistance increases Z to 32Ω.

Ohms law states the the current is proportional to the voltage applied. A DC throttle gradually increases the voltage/current.

Time constant: The coreless motor could reach full charge within the Zero pulse.