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Short Definition
Lenz's Throttle Network


Manufacturer of DCC equipment including command stations, throttles, stationary and mobile decoders http://www.digital-plus.de/e/index.php

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XPressNet is a serial communications command/throttle network built on the RS485 standard. It connects various components of a Lenz Digital Plus system together, and allows a computer to connect to their system as well. The connectors used by various systems which support XPressNet may not be identical physically. Other manufacturers also implement XPressNet communications for their DCC systems.

Formerly known as X-Bus.

Used by Atlas, Lenz, Hornby, OpenDCC, Paco Canada, ZTC Controls, Viessmann, and Roco.

Roco calls their implementation of Xpressnet RocoNet.

Note: The Atlas Commander is the same as the Lenz Compact, which is not available in North America.

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