NCE CAB Bus Wi-Fi Interface (WFD-30)

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Throttle Network:

WifiTrax: NCE CAB Bus Wi-Fi Interface (WFD-30)

Summary: Wi-Fi/DCC NCE CAB Bus Interface provides Wi-Fi Control of trains using your NCE DCC Equipment. Control trains using popular apps such as WiThrottle, Engine Driver or the TCS UWT-100 Universal Wi-Fi Throttle.

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General information
DCC Category
Throttle Network
Manufacturer WifiTrax
MSRP 110 USD111.98 EUR <br />97.98 GBP <br />166.24 AUD <br />148.40 CAD <br />
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Manufacturer Part Number
Common Name NCE CAB Bus Wi-Fi Interface
UPC Number
Release information

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible
Misc Details
Height 13 mm1.3 cm <br />0.013 m <br />0.512 in <br />0.0427 ft <br />
Length 55 mm5.5 cm <br />0.055 m <br />2.165 in <br />0.18 ft <br />
Width 55 mm5.5 cm <br />0.055 m <br />2.165 in <br />0.18 ft <br />


This module provides Wi-Fi control of DCC locomotives and accessories using your NCE Command Station from a hand-held such as a phone, tablet or dedicated throttle that uses the WiThrottle protocol authored by Brett Hoffman.

It provides a WiThrottle Server, just like JMRI except that a computer is unnecessary – it's all in this little module.

  • Provides an NCE CAB Bus interface - the NCE standard to connect Cabs to Command Stations.
  • Translates all the WiThrottle commands to NCE Cab Bus commands.
  • Provides an on-board loco roster and turnout list and allows you to maintain it using web pages on your browser.
  • Supports four connected throttles out of the box, when connected to a home network the number of throttles increases to eight.

Installs on your layout to provide Wi-Fi control of an NCE Command Station by acting as a Cab on the NCE CAB Bus.

The NCE command station is master on the CAB Bus and polls cab addresses. The WFD-30 responds to its designated cab address and represents Wi-Fi connected hand-held devices that use the WiThrottle protocol as authored by Brett Hoffman and used by JMRI. The WFD-30 converts all WiThrottle commands to NCE CAB Bus commands including speed/direction, functions and turnouts.

  • The WFD-30 does not handle DCC CV Programming.


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