NCE Pro Cab Wi-Fi Interface Module (WNI-32)

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WifiTrax: NCE Pro Cab Wi-Fi Interface Module (WNI-32)

Summary: The WNI-32 turns an NCE Pro Cab into a walk-around Wi-Fi throttle. It works using the WFD-30 or WFD-31 WiFi/Cab Bus Interface.

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General information
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Manufacturer WifiTrax
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Common Name NCE Pro Cab Wi-Fi Interface Module
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Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible
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This item is in the testing phase and not available for sale at this time.


Your Wi-Fi Pro Cab will work with a NCE Command Station/Booster using a WFD-30 or WFD-31.

It will also work with any Wifitrax Command Station/Booster such as the

  • WFD-27,
  • WFD-26,
  • WFD-28 or
  • WFD-29.

Can also be used to operate large scale locomotives using Wifitrax WDMI-27, WDMI-32 with or without the WFD-60.

Works with JMRI.

The NCE Pro Cab (or Power Cab in Pro Cab) mode becomes a versatile cordless, walk-around throttle for most WiThrottle Protocol servers. It can still be used as a tethered NCE throttle on a Cab Bus.

Preliminary Details

This module installs into an NCE Pro Cab or Power Cab to make it communicate with a WiThrottle server such as our WFD-30 or WFD-31 allowing you to drive trains in untethered, walk-around manner.

It also works with a computer used as a JMRI WiThrottle Server and many other Wifitrax products such as our Wi-Fi Command Stations with boosters and our large scale Wi-Fi/DCC Interface Modules such as WDMI-27.

The module, when activated in your Pro Cab (or Power Cab in Pro Cab mode), takes over the screen and keyboard and behaves very like an NCE Command Station, allowing selection of locomotives, driving and controlling functions as well as selection and control of accessories. The WNI-32 now becomes the Cab Bus Master with your Pro Cab is its client, implementing all commands via the WiThrottle protocol back to your true DCC command station.

Setup is automatic when working in Direct mode with a WFD-30, WFD-31, WFD-27 or WDMI-27. Complex setups requiring connection to a home network or multiple WiThrottle Servers can also be accomplished using the Pro Cab screen.

The WNI-32 operates either in direct mode or home-net mode. Up to four WNI-32 equipped Pro Cabs may be connected to a WFD-30, WFD-27, WFD-60 etc. in direct mode and up to six in home-net mode.

Currently the WNI-32 does not support DCC CV programming, but you can simple plug in your Pro Cab to a normal Cab Bus to go back to working directly with your command station. This automatically de-activates the WNI-32 interface.

Four AAA cells required. Rechargeables recommended for up to nine hours of operation with a full charge.


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