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Command Station:

CVP Products: CS2B

Summary: The CS2 / CS2-B command station by CVP Products.

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General information
Manufacturer CVP Products

MSRP 229.00 USD233.12 EUR <br />203.97 GBP <br />346.09 AUD <br />308.94 CAD <br />
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DCC Features

The main command station from CVP Products is the CS2-B. The latest firmware is 629 released in 2007. It uses a CR2016 coin cell for backup and can handle 255 locomotives in memory. It provides a programming track output, RS232 port (with special cable, not included), Booster output and throttle input ports. Cabling between these items is from 6P6C modular cable and one can easily make their own with off the shelf crimping tools.

The CS-2B with 629 firmware allows for NMRA F0-F12, improved throttle response times, optional software deactivation of many RS232 functions which further improves throttle response times and was given an NMRA compliance warrant for meeting the NMRA DCC standards.

The EasyDCC system is fully compatible with DecoderPro software through the use of the included RS232 port. However, a special cable from 6P6C to 9-pin RS232 is required and can be easily made with the proper tools.


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