Digitrax Start Systems Compared

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Summary: A comparison table for Digitrax starter systems


This table is no longer maintained. See the Starter Sets List for more information. Registered Users can add to or update the Starter Set listing. The table below is being kept as a historical reference.

Digitrax Starter Set Comparisons

System Name Command Station Amps Throttle Addressing Mode Consists Speed Steps Feedback Throttle Bus Programming Modes Programming Track
Capacity Type Control Model Maximum Mode Mode Service / Operations
Zephyr DCS50 2.5 10 Base Unit Lever All 10 All ALL No LocoNet All , plus Blast Mode Yes
Zephyr XTRA (DCS51) DCS51 3.0 20
Zephyr Express (DCS52) DCS52
Super Empire Builder/ SEB XTRA DB150 5 22 Hand-Held Buttons, Knobs DT300/DT402 22 All No
Super Chief/ SC XTRA DCS100 5/8 120 120 Yes
EVO Advanced DCS210 100 DT500 ? ?
EVOD Advanced
Evolution Express Advanced DCS210+ 100 DT602


Some parameters were removed as they are not relevant to these systems.


New command stations such as the DCS52, DCS 210 and DCS210+ can be updated via Digitrax's IPL software.

Speed Steps

All: Supports both 14 step and the 28/128 modes


All: Supports the Universal and Advanced consisting modes