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Circuits4Tracks: Fast Clock Display

Summary: This device displays the fast clock maintained by an NCE DCC Command Station.

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The display of the fast clock value will be in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format, depending on how it is configured on the NCE Command Station. When using 12-hour format, PM times are indicated by the colon flashing at 1 Hz.


Connecting our Fast Clock Display is similar to connecting NCE’s Cab Bus Fascia Panel, model UTP.

A cab bus cable with an RJ-12 plug (six position, six conductor) on the end is plugged into the jack on the rear of the Fast Clock Display labeled Upstream. The Cab Bus can be daisy chained from one Fast Clock Display to another, or to a UTP.

The RJ-12 jack on the front panel may be used to connect a cab.

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