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Finescale standards or Fine Standards are model railway standards that aim to be close to the prototype dimensions. Reduction in the toylike appearance, with overscale flanges, pointwork, etc to make the models more realistic.

In Britain it is particularly used because small British prototypes meant that track gauge is underscale. Modelling to finescale standards requires skill, so modellers usually start with the coarse standards applied to ready-to-run models suitable as toys. Standards are set by modellers' societies.

Finescale Standards

  • ScaleSeven (7mm scale, O gauge)
  • EM gauge (4mm scale, 18.2mm gauge)
  • Protofour/P4 scale (4mm scale, 18.83mm gauge)
  • Proto:87 (H0 scale)
  • 3mm finescale
  • 2mm finescale
  • O14 (7mm scale, 14mm gauge - to represent 2 ft narrow gauge)

For more information see Finescale Standard on Wikipedia.

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