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DCCWikipedians are the people who write and edit articles for DCCWiki. Some might think that DCCWikipedist would be a more appropriate name, as an encyclopedist is someone who contributes to an encyclopedia. The ending of DCCWikipedian, though, suggests being part of a group or community. So in this sense, DCCWikipedians are people who form The DCCWiki Community. For additional information see Who, Why?.

The number of DCCWikipedians is growing, at a slow, but steady rate as DCCWiki becomes more known.

You could think of DCCWikipedians as a global ant colony—except there's no queen, and users choose their own roles. Some DCCWikipedians welcome newcomers, some DCCWikipedians award those whom they feel deserve awards. Some upload images, some work on club listings, some work on technical articles, and still others work on reverting vandalism. Many take on all of these tasks. Whatever you decide to do, every DCCWikipedian is valuable.