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Uploading images to Wikipedia is a matter of:

  • clearly establishing that the copyright status of each intended upload is appropriate for a free-content encyclopedia; and then
  • uploading the image with clear labeling as to its origin and copyright status.

Unfortunately, many images have been removed from DCCWiki due to inappropriate, insufficient or inaccurate copyright information. By diligently completing the above steps, you can save yourself and others a great deal of time and ensure that whatever you upload will remain a part of DCCWiki's knowledge base.

Procedure to upload

Only logged in users with autoconfirmed accounts can upload images (meaning that the account must be at least four days old, and the user must have made at least ten edits). If you do not have an account, please create a free account.

To upload:

  • From the top navigation bar, click the icon.
  • Click on Upload File
  • Click on Choose File to open a dialog box that will allow you to select a file on your system.
  • In the destination filename box, you can change the name of the file.
    • For example, if this is an image of a DCC product, start with the manufacturer's name following by the product name. For example: Lenz LC100.png
  • In the summary box, enter some details about the image.
    • Be sure to link to the main article that the image was intended for.
  • Licensing: Select the appropriate license from the drop drop.


Some filenames (such as highly generic filenames produced automatically by digital cameras) are disallowed, and attempting to use them will generate an error message.

Examples of good file names:

Yes check.svg "Lenz LC-100 product.jpg"
Yes check.svg "Electric soldering iron.png"
Yes check.svg "Screen shot of Xyz Program Name V1.0 - How to use Abc product.png"

Examples of bad file names:

X mark.svg "Image01.png"
X mark.svg "Joe.jpg"
X mark.svg "DSC00001.JPG"
X mark.svg "30996951316264l.jpg"
X mark.svg "th.jpg"
X mark.svg "download.jpg"
X mark.svg "images.jpg"
X mark.svg "download.png"
X mark.svg "images.png"
X mark.svg "train.png"

Find previously uploaded images

Please note that as with wiki pages, others may edit or delete your uploads if they think it serves the encyclopedia, and you may be blocked from uploading if you abuse the system.

Reupload existing image

To reupload an existing image, for example an infographic based on older data, go to that image file description page and find the link that says "upload a new version of this file", which opens a wizard to upload the new version. Describe only the changes that you have made to the file, as the general description of the file (including licensing, etc.) will remain from before. The new version will now automatically be accessed by the pages that link to the file, but will keep the old version in the "File History" section of the file description page.

If you cannot find the link to "upload a new version of this file" it's possible that you are not looking at the original source page of the file.

After reuploading an image, it may take some for the new version to display. This is because DCCWiki uses external content delivery network to speed up performance, however, this can result in updates to images.

Adding images to articles

To make your uploaded file appear in an article, you need to insert it: edit the article and add the syntax

[[File:Image name|thumb|Caption]]

where you want the file to appear.

Important: Image names are case-sensitive. For example, if an image is called Picture.jpg then neither picture.jpg nor Picture.JPG will find it.

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