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Multifunction Decoder:

Zimo: MS440C

Summary: The prominent feature of the MS decoders is the 16-bit sound, which improves the sound quality drastically. This decoder conforms to the VHDM Standard with logic level outputs for F3 – F6.

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General information
Manufacturer Zimo
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Product information
Part Number
Decoder Core Features Motor, Functions, Lights, Sound

Product URL External Product Link
Product Manual URL External Product Link
Year Released 2019
Predecessor MX
Hardware Information
Scales HO, N, O
Connection Method 21MTC / NEM660
Length 30 mm3 cm <br />0.03 m <br />1.181 in <br />0.0984 ft <br />
Width 15 mm1.5 cm <br />0.015 m <br />0.591 in <br />0.0492 ft <br />
Height 4 mm0.4 cm <br />0.004 m <br />0.157 in <br />0.0131 ft <br />
Continuous Amps 1.2
Max Amps 1.2
Voltage Range
General DCC Information
Extended Addressing Yes
AnalogConversion Yes
Speed Steps 28/128
User Loadable Speed Table
Back EMF
Programming Modes Ops, Address, Direct, Paged, Register
Decoder Assisted Consists
CV Readback
Silent Running (HF)
Kick Start
Function Information
# of Functions
Function Amps 0.8
# of Lighting Effects
# of Sound Effects
Programming Information
Programming Lock
Decoder Programming Modes
Misc Items
SUSI Interface Yes
RailCom Yes
Has computer interface
Firmware Upgrade Possible Yes
UPC Number


The first-generation MS sound decoders were introduced in 2019, as successors to the long-standing MX decoders. The core of the MS sound decoder is a 32 bit ARM microcontroller with DSP characteristics and generous memory.

  • 16-bit audio by default, 8-bit for simple noises and older sample files.
  • 22 kHz sample rate by default, with 11 kHz for simple noises (like station announcements) and 44 kHz for full HiFi quality.
  • 128 Mbit sound memory for 360 seconds playback time (16-bit sound and 22 kHz, i.e. high quality)
  • Sixteen audio channels, simultaneously playable, separately adjustable, with "stereo decoders" (especially large scales) distributable to two loudspeaker outputs.
  • Adjustable timbres for driving noises (e.g. chuff sounds, diesel engine) via CV configuration of high and low pass filters.
  • Overcurrent protection for function outputs
  • Connections for larger external energy storage devices


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