Meadows and Lake Kathleen Railroad

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The Meadows and Lake Kathleen Railroad is a private railroad on 41 acres near Deadwood, Oregon, United States.

The railroad is situated on land that receives an average of 100+ inches of rain a year which feed 3 creeks with trout populations and the 14 year-round springs. Owners Ray and Kathy Robinson have spent the last 11 years with help from many, many friends building the railroad which now consists of 4 bridges, 4 trestles, a tunnel, a balloon track and a water tower with just over 6200 ft of 18in gauge track] with an elevation difference of just under 20 feet.. The owners plan to eventually build a 6000 ft main line circle with three sidings, a turntable and a few spur tracks.

On October 13th, 2007, the "Golden Spike" will be driven celebrating the completion of the railroad as envisioned so many years ago. The owners realize it will never be finished.........They still have to replace a curve, rework three switches, straighten and level some track, build the Depot and they will continually make improvements and fine tuning as well as the never ending maintenance.

As of Nov, 2021, so external site references could be found and this railroad may no longer be in service.